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In order to distinguish oneself from competitors, a Trademark is used oftentimes as a catalyst that has the power to transform a small start-up company into a nationally-recognized brand. This is true because a Trademark has the power to create goodwill and trust in the community, especially in this day and age of increased need for speedy services and outstanding quality. We take a very serious approach to Trademark protection, and therefore work closely with our clients to help establish and protect well-researched and unique word marks, logos, symbols, slogans, and designs.

What are the steps involved to secure a trademark?

What are the steps involved to secure a trademark?

Step 1 - Consult with a licensed trademark attorney about your business/idea and proposed trademark related to your business/idea
Step 2 - Perform a trademark search to predict the chances of your trademark's allowance
Step 3 - File a trademark application along with a specimen of use to establish a date of first use in commerce
Step 4 - Receive an Office Action from the USPTO, and respond to the Office Action (a.k.a., the trademark prosecution phase)
Step 5 - After your trademark application is allowed, your mark will be published in the Official Gazette at the USPTO for 30 days, after which you will be issued a trademark with a registration number (pending no oppositions to your mark)

What are some of the Trademark-related services that The Iwashko Law Firm provides?

  • Providing advice for clients regarding their potential trademark portfolios
  • Performing Trademark and Service Mark Searches (including word marks, slogans, and logos) that include Federal, State, and Common Law Search Results
  • Drafting Trademark and Service Mark Use Opinions based on Search Results
  • Consulting with Clients to help amend their Trademark ideas
  • Prosecuting Trademarks before the USPTO, and conducting Trademark Examiner Interviews to expedite allowance
  • Representing Clients in Opposition and/or Cancellation Proceedings
  • Review of Product Literature/Labeling and Websites for proper Trademark Usage
  • Representing Clients in Internet Domain Name and Trademark Use Disputes
  • Providing Trademark Infringement and Licensing Opinions
  • Facilitating the Trademark Licensing Process


A Copyright protects an artist's work from unauthorized reproduction, sale and/or distribution, public display, and/or performance. Mr. Iwashko deals with a myriad of copyright matters, including federal litigation, title searches, use/infringement/licensing opinions, negotiating/drafting licenses, and registration/recordation, involving the following artistic categories:

  • Literary works - Books, Poetry, Advertising, Sermons, Manuals, Periodicals, Brochures
  • Artistic works - Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings, Arrangements, Fixtures, Architecture,
Photographs, Fashion Design

  • Performance Works - Movies, Plays, Musicals
  • Computer Works - Websites, Video Games, Computer Programs, Databases, Online
Educational Content

  • Choreographies - Dance, Pantomimes, Cheerleading Cheers
  • Scientific Works - Journals, Lectures, Methodologies, Theories
  • Music - Songs, Lyrics, Melodies
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