Copyright Litigation & Intellectual Property Law

What do you do if you receive a letter from a law firm stating that you have illegally downloaded/distributed music or videos, and have (as a result) been infringing on a copyright holder's rights? You may not have even known that you were involved in prohibited activities, but a law suit has been filed against you nevertheless.

Alternatively, what if you are surfing the Internet, and you see YOUR work of art being sold on-line without your authorization? Although a part of you may feel flattered that others are distributing your work and showcasing your artistic abilities, you also are aware that others are profiting from your talents.

Although you may have never wanted to be involved in any type of litigation, you now find yourself in a precarious situation where court attendance is inevitable.

Copyright infringement penalties can be awarded by a court based on actual damages or statutory damages, which can range from $200.00 to $150,000.00 per each infringed work of art.

Therefore, whether you are seeking representation as a plaintiff or a defendant in any type of copyright infringement matter, The Iwashko Law Firm can help you with negotiations and case-preparation, so that you experience the outcome that you believe to be proper and just.

Intellectual Property Attorney Based in Washington DC

Knobbe Martens advises on all aspects of copyright and design patent litigation and dispute resolution. Our experience spans a broad array of industries, including computer software, video games, fashion, marketing, toys, packaging, medical devices and entertainment, among others. We routinely provide strategic advice on enforcing client copyrights and design patents, as well as develop strategies to avoid and defend infringement claims.

When enforcing or defending infringement claims, our litigators focus on effective and creative approaches to problem solving and litigation tactics that achieve our clients' objectives. Our experience ranges from initial cease and desist letters, to enforcing or defending copyright and design patent claims. Our firm delivers extensive skill in the area of prior art searches to invalidate design patents. Where appropriate, we position cases for settlement, guide clients through mediation or in bringing cases to successful resolution in court, as well as assist in obtaining reimbursement for legal fees and insurance contribution to defense fees and settlement funds.